Thekkady:'Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary'

Considering the beauty, sightings and the thrilling moments, Many bewitched by Thekkady have come back to The Indian Journeys  for facilitating another visit. Offering a wide range of indulgences for the travel bugs, Thekkady is a pristine nature spot with the ‘Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary’ as the highlight. If the sight seeing is to be coupled with an avid interest for the wildlife, Thekkady is the right place to relax as well as give a treat to the eyes and the mind. Covered in dense forest and inhabited by umpteen animals like Elephant, Bison, Deer and Monkeys, this renowned natural getaway is also a reserved sanctuary for the majestic Tiger. With a little luck, a boat ride in the Thekkady lake will be rewarded with visions of Elephant herds appearing through the lush green vegetation into the lake banks for relaxing and drinking water. With a little more fortune, a guided walk or a ride through the sanctuary can also lead to chances of watching a Leopard resting on a tree branch or a Tiger strolling around with it’s cubs.’Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary’ is spread across 777 sq. km and 360 sq. km of this massive area comprises of lush evergreen forests. Adjoining scenic locations filled with spectacular hills and mountains, wide grass lands, streams, waterfalls, hundreds of acres of spice plantations and quiet little hamlets situated in between such as Ramakalmedu, Kurishumala, Kumily, Pandikuzhi and Pullumedu offers more opportunities for exploration and sight-seeing.