Perhaps, the best destination in India for the beach tourism, unfettered by traditions and that’s why too popular among the young people all over the world and across the India. It’s a place to enjoy sun & fun! Tender coconut beaches will give you relax and pleasure during the day, but numerous night clubs will never make you sleep!“ Goa is the heart of Portuguese colonization in the past, till nowadays preserved the special atmosphere & European

look with many famous Christian churches, the best ones in Old Goa included in UNESCO world heritage sites… Cuisine – one of Goa highlights! Goan cuisine is the mixture of India’ masalas and European style of cooking, it’s a gastronomical paradise of India with numerous & delicious dishes, including sea food, Tibetian, Italian, Israel, Russian & south and north Indian cuisines …. Don’t miss you delicious candle dinner on the seashore!